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What Students Say

“I always enjoyed being in productions but I never had as close of a bond with cast members as I do with my Lyric Theatre Family. It’s so great to work with such experienced faculty and to have a safe space to try new things in. When things get rough I know I always have my little lyric family to help me.”  

Nicole Poccia

“Lyric Theatre offers the great opportunity to have fun, and learn from professionals in the theatre business, all while receiving college credit.”

Amanda Mason

“Lyric Theatre has created an environment in which I can grow as a performer and musician. I’ve been involved with Lyric Theatre for my entire college career and I can’t imagine my time at TCNJ without this experience.”

Lana Holgado

“Coming out of high school, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to continue acting in college. After working with Lyric Theatre for a semester, I’ve found that it’s an amazing experience to perform in a college show.”

Michael Schraft